Monday, January 11, 2010

Some tips internet business

Maybe in between you have heard or found these tips. But the point is probably not on how often we hear it, but how often do we have to act?

Here are some tips internet business that you can apply:
  • Run Internet businesses that make you enjoy doing.
    Because if you enjoy what you do, you will not mind to do it as often and as long as possible. Sebaliknnya internet business if you do feel a burden you, or you do not enjoy doing, you certainly can not run it up. Find and run an Internet business that makes you enjoy and enjoy it.
  • Discover and fulfill market needs.
    Maybe you've bored me, but it is actually the core of the business. When you can meet the needs of a hungry market, your Internet business will be successful. Where there is a problem in the internet business opportunities arise.
  • Select products or services that generate profits doubled.
    Only if your internet business earn adequate profits, internet business you can grow. Because you need to grow the investment. To make an investment you need money, and of sufficient profits you can invest it in order to develop your Internet business wing.
    From your internet business profits can also actively advertise, you can pay employees, and other expenses. Because this is a business name, so do not rely on free. Because if there is no money free spinning, in short do not expect to receive great results from the name for free.
    So in essence, an Internet business you need in order to generate profits develop. And fortunately on the internet, making a profit can be done very easily even on the first day of the launch of your product.
  • Record spending well.
    His name business expenses must be recorded. Therefore, always count your Internet business expenses.
  • Distribute marketing messages quickly.
    You can use viral marketing to accelerate the dissemination of marketing messages.
  • Continuous promotion.
    Consumers will not come if you silence it. To get your customers have to pick them to come to you. Promotional incentive and give optimal service to be the key.
  • Establish good cooperation with your partners.
    To its business partners, you must apply the mutually beneficial cooperation. Because no business can stand alone without the support of other parties, must occur a win-win partnership.
  • Get ahold of your keywords.
    For your particular search engines that rely on the traffic field, which must be controlled keywords related to your business. No need to master all kinds of keywords. Self-control keywords that relate to your business alone.
  • Need process.
    Do not just hope in a short time the money was suddenly flood you. Still need a process to do it and if you want to act diligently I believe all the effort, time and money you spend will be repaid.
  • Always open the door a second chance.
    Do not ever stare from just one business. When the first internet business you run a well-established, immediately launched a second business. so the two roads, running third, and so on.
Because if you just rely on one type of business or one product, such as a moment of your Internet business is on the decline, then you will not be getting ready to create new businesses. Therefore, before too late always open a new internet business opportunities for your future.

Hopefully some of the above tips can be useful to apply to Internet businesses.

Success always.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why I am choose Blogger

From the beginning I know the world of the Internet, and learn to create a blog, which I know first is a blogger (blogspot).

I wonder what attracted me to the bloggers, there is no fundamental reason for me to learn first bloggers.

But after I noticed, there are some advantages that are owned by Google.

The Benefits of Blogger

  • Free Widgets - Blogger might as well be the second name after widgets. Blogger compiles on free widgets that thousands of new Bloggers can use everyday for their blogs, whether it be for personal use, commercial use, and basically any use for free. You can add widgets ranging from, a shout box widget to a clock widget within minutes.
  • Earning Money – Google Blogger gives us the ability to put Google ads and other earning ads on our sites for free. Unlike Wordpress, Google allows users to earn off their blog using Google’s free blog services. Using great PPC, earning sites such as Google Adsense, Netklix, Chikita, and much much more.
  • Google Favors Most - Of course Google will favor one of their most successful services, Blogger and give new Bloggers the ability to easily earn their way on to the top 10 Google results. Google is the most famous and most favorable search engine alive and because Google favors Blogger the most, they are search engine friendly to Blogger users which means, you have a greater advantage on getting to the top 10 results than a blog using Wordpress as their provider from the start.
  • Get Featured – Google has listened to their users and have grown to be a big name when it comes to Blogging, for years of hard work and promoting, but now they have created a simple system to repay the favor back to the community. They have created a fair system called the ‘next blog’ feature(On the heading on most Blogger sites) and thousands of readers who want a surprise can be redirected to your site for free, but it doesn’t stop there. Google has also compiled sites such as and to also be a free resource to redirect readers to your blogs for free. But there is a catch, Google has fitted the most fairest system on the web and you must post frequently to be listed in these top notch sites, used from thousands of readers to look for blogs like yours to read. So, get going and post frequently to take advantage of Google’s ‘Get Featured’ feature and generate free traffic to your blog.
  • Thousands of Themes - You can convert your blog template to anything consisting of HTML code format. There are hundreds of free Blogger templates designed for users like you and me and you can find those free sites in our site reviews on free Blogger templates, here.
  • Easy Navigation - Google has known to be the creator of making complex services into simple services and they also do that with Blogger. Blogger has the name for easy navigation, featuring the ‘Page Element tab’ where, users can easily navigate and add stuff anywhere in their blog. Once you have created your blog, you can easily see how easy it is to add or delete items called, ‘Widgets’ anywhere on your blog. Check it out for your self, it just takes thirty seconds to start your blog!
  • HTML Based - Your blog being HTML based means, you can easily add new applications anywhere on your blog. You are in charge in what goes and goes out in your blog. You are in charge of how your blog looks like.
  • Dedicated Support – Blogger has a free support time dedicated to helping the community and get on the stop issues with Blogger. Even if you are using their free blog services, they treat you like a loyal customer and will get fast solutions right away.

Albert Fang

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks Google

What is Google

Who does not know Google, especially Internet users, Google is no stranger to us. as said John Battelle Google is a company that has built a single very large, custom computer. It's running their own cluster operating system. They make their big computer even bigger and faster each month, while lowering the cost of CPU cycles. It's looking more like a general purpose platform than a cluster optimized for a single application.
While competitors are targeting the individual applications Google has deployed, Google is building a massive, general purpose computing platform for web-scale programming.
This computer is running the world's top search engine, a social networking service, a shopping price comparison engine, a new email service, and a local search/yellow pages engine. What will they do next with the world's biggest computer and most advanced operating system?

Google is not merely a search engine, but more than that, this company has provided several facilities for public service surf, either free or paid, like gmail for email, sites, blogs, photo hosting, video. Etc.

The virtual world created so crowded with the presence of google, you can imagine how big Google's role in the world of the Internet network.
We've easily surf the Internet, often did not occur to us how difficult it can google build a great company it is today. (see Google's history here)

I made the posting as a manifestation of my thanks to Google.

Thank you very much Google


On this occasion I would like to express my gratitude to google which has provided many free services, ranging from emails, the pictures, video, to blogs, and also to readers who have visited my humble blog this.

On this occasion I would like to announce a blog that contains about business activities on the internet, anything that concerns about Internet business, be it personal articles, links, adaptation, and the view of Internet business.

Before you see and read the article or the contents of my post, I hope you can understand if there are errors in the written word for word dalm this blog, especially the spelling that may be far from perfect, because I am not an expert in language let alone English. But the most important thing here is how you can catch or understand what I mean.

Hopefully this blog can be useful for readers, and especially for me personally.